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‘Wisp’ by Elizabeth Mostyn is now published!

We are very pleased to announce that Elizabeth Mostyn’s Wisp is now published. A strange tale, set in the university and town of St Andrews in Scotland, this novel takes you through the mind of a troubled professor and into real-life danger as a sinister plot is uncovered. Who or what is the Wisp of the title? The dénouement will surprise you.

You can buy it from Amazon, of course, but it would be of more direct benefit to us (the author, the publisher, and the agent) if you would order it direct from the publisher.


In remembrance of Iain Rossouw

Paul writes:

1I woke up this morning to find tweets and blog posts that I could not at first take in, and when I could take them in, I could scarce believe them. Iain Rossouw, who headed Honeymead Books, had tackled three intruders at his home in South Africa, and had been killed in the struggle. His wife Lyz, who heads Honeymead’s sister-house P’kaboo, writes about it here. I can only imagine what she’s going through right now.

In practical terms, for the agency, this means that we must ask your forbearance – please do not make any new enquiries about P’kaboo or Honeymead for the time being. We’ll resume normal service as soon as we can. Meanwhile we will continue to act for existing clients who have books with the two houses.

Lyz and Iain are a great couple (I can’t bring myself to say ‘were’, because they will always be a couple). Lyz is a woman of great strength of character. My thoughts are with her.

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Aspiring cover artist wanted!

Our client Marie Marshall is looking to recruit some new artistic talent. Could that be you?

Marie Marshall

2Are you an aspiring artist? Would you like to take a punt at designing a cover illustration for my latest YA/teen vampire novel, KWIREBOY vs VAMPIRE, sequel to From My Cold, Undead Hand? I have little to offer you at this point except recognition, but in that respect I would be helping you and you would be helping me.

Your illustration does not have to be fancy. In fact if you could take a cue from Millie Ho’s excellent black-and-white cover for the first book in the series (look right) you’ll see the kind of aesthetic we’re looking for.

If you would like to offer your services, please get in touch with the publisher direct.

Thank you,


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I Tamburisti di FIREnze – project now running!

I just got an email from Marie Marshall about this. She says that her friend, who is co-ordinating this project, hates to ask for money in a world where there are so many causes worth supporting. “But,” says Marie, “I’m totally behind the ethos of this project and the way it keeps alive the idea that things can be done other than for money, even though they may need money to kick-start them.” Well, a literary agency works for commission – true – but there are times when a smile and a rosy glow are commission enough! Please take a little time to read the linked article, and to follow its internal links.


Marie Marshall

12010699_1465307271.6343_funddescriptionI told you in my last news update here about my contribution to Camp Thump Thump’s presentation for Burning Man 2016 I Tamburisti di FIREnze. Well, it has grown arms and legs since then. The text has tripled and the story of the Guild – part fact, mostly fiction, and a little bit Time-Lord – has been brought up to the present day. The plan of the Project Coordinator is to adapt what I have written into a large, scrapbook-like record, to be put on display at the Guild’s mobile HQ on the Playa at this year’s Burning Man, so that people who drop in to the workshop can read it and marvel! I have to say I’m honoured.

Now, the essence of Burning Man is that things are given freely. The members of the Camp Thump Thump team give up their time, energy, materials, and finished products entirely…

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Free copies of my novels

Yet another offer that’s difficult to refuse!

Marie Marshall

books1I am offering a few free copies of my three published (so far!) novels. The copies will be made available, in pdf or ePub form, to anyone who would like to read any or all of them, and who is prepared to write and publish a review. The review may be posted on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or anywhere else where the book is available on-line and where readers can offer reviews. Alternatively, if you have a lively blog with a decent number of followers/readers, I’ve no objection to your posting it there. Just let me know where and when. The novels are:

Lupa. This was my first novel. Someone suggested I should write a novel about a female gladiator. I sat down to do just that, and out came two parallel stories about young women in Imperial and 20c Rome. It has attracted a fair amount of interest…

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Luke Bitmead Bursary


The Luke Bitmead Bursary is an annual award set up to support and encourage the work of fledgling novel writers. The award, now in it’s 7th year, is the UK’s biggest prize for unpublished authors. Read all about it at the Legend Press blog. Submissions are now open for the 2014 award. 

Luke Bitmead 300dpiThe bursary was set up by Luke’s family shortly after Luke’s sudden and tragic death in 2006, aged just 34. Luke was the first novelist to be published by Legend Press, who are delighted to work with Luke’s family each year on the award to honour his memory and help reduce the stigma attached to mental health issues. The top prize is a publishing contract with Legend Press, as well as a £2500 cash bursary.

Luke is the author of the brilliant White Summer, and also two novels published posthumously: The Body is a Temple and Heading South (co-authored by Catherine Richards). Information about Luke can be found at his web site.

If any of you do enter into correspondence with Legend, please don’t forget to mention where you heard of this. Thanks.

And the Winner Is:

I got an email from my client Marie Marshall, a few minutes ago, with the news that her novel Lupa had crossed the winning post ahead of the other books in the P’kaboo Facebook Share Contest. “I know it seems weird celebrating the fact that my book is going to be given away free,” she said, “but it’s all in the good cause of raising its profile. Amen to that.

The next stage in the contest will be offering a limited number of printed, signed copies to people who write reviews of the novels in the contest. Stay tuned.

the red ant

Blank bookcover with clipping path

Lupa by Marie Marshall

is the first of our Facebook Share contestants to move into the “Free Downloads Zone”.

The “Zone” will open on the 1st of October, so stay tuned…  A limited number of copies is going to become available for free download, from the P’kaboo website.

There is something immensely satisfying in being the first in something.  Well done, Marie!

Please boost the other books, too:

Visit this page and share books to move more into the “Zone”.

LupaTabika 1Almost Dead in SuburbiaMercury SilverBaa Baa Black BeltSolar Wind 1Solar Wind 2

Thank you for participating!

And now gipsika will steal away and prepare for her daughter’s 16th birthday, and a corporate gig she’s playing in Joburg next week.

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The P’kaboo Facebook Share Contest goes live

There’s a chance for people to get their hands on a free e-book from P’kaboo publishers simply by ‘liking’ one or more of a choice of seven of their books on Facebook, Go here for details. There’s also a chance to win an autographed copy of a book by writing a review of it.

Also on line today is a reading by a fan from New Orleans of Marie Marshall’s poem ‘Plain Jane $3.99’, from her 2010 collection Naked in the Sea. Listen to it here.