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I Tamburisti di FIREnze – project now running!

I just got an email from Marie Marshall about this. She says that her friend, who is co-ordinating this project, hates to ask for money in a world where there are so many causes worth supporting. “But,” says Marie, “I’m totally behind the ethos of this project and the way it keeps alive the idea that things can be done other than for money, even though they may need money to kick-start them.” Well, a literary agency works for commission – true – but there are times when a smile and a rosy glow are commission enough! Please take a little time to read the linked article, and to follow its internal links.


Marie Marshall

12010699_1465307271.6343_funddescriptionI told you in my last news update here about my contribution to Camp Thump Thump’s presentation for Burning Man 2016 I Tamburisti di FIREnze. Well, it has grown arms and legs since then. The text has tripled and the story of the Guild – part fact, mostly fiction, and a little bit Time-Lord – has been brought up to the present day. The plan of the Project Coordinator is to adapt what I have written into a large, scrapbook-like record, to be put on display at the Guild’s mobile HQ on the Playa at this year’s Burning Man, so that people who drop in to the workshop can read it and marvel! I have to say I’m honoured.

Now, the essence of Burning Man is that things are given freely. The members of the Camp Thump Thump team give up their time, energy, materials, and finished products entirely…

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