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Paul2Your contact at the agency is Paul Thompson, who has in his CV samizdat & fanzine journalism, and who ran an agency specialising in searching for out-of-print books before the internet took over. When not doing agency work, Paul is a ‘mature student’ holding a 1st Class BA Honours in English Literature, and currently studying for an MSc in Literature and Modernity at the University of Edinburgh.

Being way out in the provinces I am not able to rub shoulders with influential people in city wine bars, so I have to rely on other ‘direct action’ to draw clients’ to publishers’ attention. It’s fun. I still have the cheek of the devil, and that helps. I believe that people who get in touch with us are important, even if we have to turn them away; the publishers we are approach are important too.

Contacting the agency is easy. We accept approaches by post or by email.

Our email address is bookseeker{a}

Our postal address is P O Box 7535, Perth, PH2 1AF, Scotland.

You can also follow us on Twitter @BookseekerAgent.

Paul is also on Linkedin on the agency’s behalf.

Publishers – Please tell us what you are looking out for. Our main client base may be small, but we hold the details of hundreds of writers, amongst whom may be the very one you’re looking for to produce your next best-seller. Check out the right-hand sidebar for details of some of our projects, manuscripts on offer, etc.; or follow our ‘Updates’ blog.

Authors – Please feel free to contact us by letter or by email, telling us what you have written and what your current projects are. A synopsis and a sample chapter of a novel is always welcome and will be read. Please do not send anything by removable media such as USB sticks; also please always do a virus scan on the files you are going to send. We may not be able to help you instantly, but we always take an interest. Here is some basic guidance for you, and here are a few more pointers.

We don’t insist on your manuscript being professionally edited, but we recommend it. Professional editing gives you an ‘edge’, and also the confidence that your manuscript is free of glaring errors and solecisms. There are plenty of editors to choose from out there, but we particularly recommend Leslie Noble.

We do represent writers of poetry, under some circumstances. However poetry publishers tend to like to deal direct with poets, and we usually advise poets to act on their own behalf, building up a reputation in the better poetry magazines.


Please note, we always keep your details on file, but might not keep an un-promoted manuscript longer than about six months. 

Unfortunately we are not able to offer feedback on manuscripts which we choose to reject. If you are looking for advice there are literary consultants who, for a fee, will give you a detailed analysis. 

Our standard fee for representation is 15% of royalties and other receipts.

We have been advised to add this note, for our protection. Writers and others may feel free to visit this site. This does not in itself imply any agency agreement; however, if a publishing deal comes about from an acquaintance between an author and a publisher as a consequence of anything on this website, then de facto representation will be deemed to have taken place. Whilst the agency is unlikely to pursue full commission, it reserves the right to do so. Exempt from this is any incidental literary quotation or illustration.