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Leslie Noble – a professional editor for your manuscript

Les 3This post has been edited on the 24th of March 2020. We have just learned of the death of Les Noble, with whom we have worked very closely for several years. We would like to keep this post as it stands, as a tribute to Les.


P’kaboo Publishers make it a principle not to publish an un-edited manuscript, and Les Noble is their chief editor. Since his schooldays, Les has had an interest and a skill in language, and at the University of South Africa he gained a BA with English and Communication as majors. Apart from a career in banking, he has been a freelance writer for various publications, a part-time lecturer at three colleges, and is the author of five published fantasy novels with one more on the way. His novels have been acquired by libraries and universities, and one of them is featured in the Journal of Commonwealth Literature.

Les also makes his editorial services available to writers independently of P’kaboo. So what could he offer you? In his own words:

I can offer fully professional services in proofreading (highlighting of errors for correction by the writer), copyediting (effecting corrections with the option to accept, reject or modify), or rewriting (presenting the given material more accurately and efficiently).

I can also offer layout and formatting services, for technical or advertising documents, general books and novels, or for eBooks.

Endorsements are not freely given to editors, unfortunately.  I wish I had recorded some of the many complimentary remarks, in emails from writers or in the margins of books or documents I have worked on, but I can fall back on a few of the ‘Acknowledgements’ printed in some of the novels and other books I have edited:

‘… I would also like to thank my editor, Les, for his input …’

‘… Leslie Noble for many valuable edits and corrections …’

‘… especially Les Noble for his patience and professionalism during editing …’

‘…my editor Leslie Noble for his amazing patience and commitment, the generosity with which he shares his first-hand knowledge of sailing, and wonderful sense of humour …’

Agency client Marie Marshall told us recently:

‘Les Noble has edited two of my books and is about to edit a third… He has the eye of a hawk and a mind like a steel trap, but what was remarkable was the way he involved me in the process, so that at the end of the day each book felt as much mine as it ever did.’

That sensitivity to the author’s ‘voice’ is typical of Les’s editorial work, and it is his policy to keep his fees at a low and competitive level. If you would like his professional services, please get in touch via this agency.

Les 5







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Luke Bitmead Bursary


The Luke Bitmead Bursary is an annual award set up to support and encourage the work of fledgling novel writers. The award, now in it’s 7th year, is the UK’s biggest prize for unpublished authors. Read all about it at the Legend Press blog. Submissions are now open for the 2014 award. 

Luke Bitmead 300dpiThe bursary was set up by Luke’s family shortly after Luke’s sudden and tragic death in 2006, aged just 34. Luke was the first novelist to be published by Legend Press, who are delighted to work with Luke’s family each year on the award to honour his memory and help reduce the stigma attached to mental health issues. The top prize is a publishing contract with Legend Press, as well as a £2500 cash bursary.

Luke is the author of the brilliant White Summer, and also two novels published posthumously: The Body is a Temple and Heading South (co-authored by Catherine Richards). Information about Luke can be found at his web site.

If any of you do enter into correspondence with Legend, please don’t forget to mention where you heard of this. Thanks.