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Something for the haiku-minded.

rose2Over on the site for the e-zine the zen space (edited by our client Marie Marshall) spring is stirring. What has stirred it is a collection of haiku and ‘short-burst’ poetry by some of the best modern exponents, plus a translation of a classical greek fragment, and a collection of marker-pen mandalas.

Do you write haiku, or any form of short poetry? Would you like to submit something? Marie says “I am always on the lookout for fresh talent.” She told us, “Contributors should email me if they have something for my consideration. Please don’t leave a contribution in a comment box – I have to delete those, I’m afraid, as they don’t go through the editorial process. Anyhow, I tell people be bright, be light, be dark, be profound, but be brief!”

the zen space Spring Showcase may be found here.