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‘Wisp’ by Elizabeth Mostyn is now published!

We are very pleased to announce that Elizabeth Mostyn’s Wisp is now published. A strange tale, set in the university and town of St Andrews in Scotland, this novel takes you through the mind of a troubled professor and into real-life danger as a sinister plot is uncovered. Who or what is the Wisp of the title? The dénouement will surprise you.

You can buy it from Amazon, of course, but it would be of more direct benefit to us (the author, the publisher, and the agent) if you would order it direct from the publisher.


Movie studio interest?

Is it too early to get excited?

No details for now, because that would be tempting fate, but we were recently contacted by someone from a major movie studio, who expressed interest in a client’s work. Not going to count chickens before they’re hatched, but – no – it’s not too early to get a little bit excited.

If anything comes of this, we’ll let you know.

Meet Beatrice Beaumont

image ©Sidney Wilson Washburn

I recently had the pleasure of meeting writer Beatrice Beaumont, who currently has two novels partly written. Although we haven’t yet struck a deal, I was very excited about what she had in mind – think the Kardashians in Regency England, for example – and I’m sure she and I will be talking more when the novels are completed. I’ll let you know…

Twisty thrillers and heartwarming women’s fiction!

image: Photofest, via Film Forum

Authors – can you write a “twisty thriller with bestseller potential” or “heartwarming women’s fiction?” This is precisely what a publishing house has asked us to find. We would like to hear from established, published authors, but newcomers will be considered too – everyone has to start somewhere! So if you have anything that sits squarely in either genre, please feel free to let us see it.

Joshua Gamon’s new graphic miniseries in production!

London-based Markosia Enterprises has picked up Joshua Gamon’s six-issue miniseries Evermore. The story is set during the Spanish Flu epidemic of the 1918-1920. After a young girl goes missing, her father enters a cursed book of fairy tales to find her. Within, creatures of folklore and figures from classic literature co-exist, uneasily, but the sudden appearance of the human child upsets that delicate balance into abrupt chaos. Now, her father must navigate through the mire of monstrous beings and vengeful queens to bring her home.

Joshua’s team is currently illustrating the scripts for a 3rd quarter release. This is exciting news, and we look forward to seeing the finished product. Meanwhile, publishers, don’t forget that Joshua’s excellent novel The Brothers Thanatos is still up for grabs!

‘The Brothers Thanatos’ available again!

Joshua Gamon’s thrilling fantasy adventure The Brothers Thanatos is available to publishers again! Due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, Joshua asked to be released from the commercial publishing agreement we negotiated for him – totally his prerogative to do so, and we agreed with his decision – and so we are once again promoting the novel to publishers.

So, to any publishers who are reading this I would say that if you want to beat the rest and get your hands on one of the most innovative fantasy novels in a long time, don’t wait for our email! Get in touch with us and express an interest.

If you want to know more about Joshua, click on the book cover (either above or in the sidebar) and that will take you to the original interview we conducted with him.


An exciting new client!

We here at Bookseeker Literary Agency are very pleased to welcome Jessica Secmezsoy-Urquhart as a client. In what is an unprecedented move for us, we have taken on a writer whose novel is not yet complete! We have broken this principle because we believe we have found someone unique…

Publishers – be prepared to hear from us!

Jessica is of Scottish and Turkish heritage, is an autistic and queer writer, PhD historian, and filmmaker. Their* first novel is called Life Goes On and will tell the strange-but-true story of their Turkish grandfather Aycetin. In the nineteen-forties and fifties, after his father died, Aycetin had to try to survive within the institutions and on the streets of Istanbul.

Life Goes On melds 19c realism with magic and fairytale, it opening a window onto early republican Turkey, from the point of view of a young boy.

Jessica has previously written for publications such as The National Student and Den of Geek founder Simon Brew’s Film Stories. They contribute videos on everything from autism to fire arrows for BBC’s The Social, have appeared on BBC Scotland’s Loop, and are in the post production stage of their first short film, ‘The Constant Companion’.

A self-proclaimed “wee angry goth,” they love to write in any fashion, do historical reenactment, and hang out with their German Shepherd Freya. They can be found at: jessicasuaka or their history blog Past Caring on Facebook, at @JessicasuAKA on twitter, or jessicaakas on Instagram. However, all communication regarding literary representation and/or publication should be directed via this agency.

Jessica mentioned, as an afterthought, “Oh I have a first from the University of Glasgow and a distinction in MScR History at Edinburgh too…”


*This agency supports people’s right to use gender non-specific pronouns.


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Are you having problems with uploads to Amazon?

Are you a publisher, a publishing house, or someone who self-publishes. Do you upload your titles to Amazon? Many people do, because it is one of the first places readers go to if they want to buy a book on line.

Have you had any technical problems uploading to Amazon? We would like to find out. We’d also like to know how you managed to fix the problem or devise a work-round. Please get in touch, using the agency email address on the contact page.



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Our position on Transgender rights

In the present atmosphere it has become necessary to make the following statement. Our position on transgender rights is clear: they are human rights. Our agency is a zone of safety and respect for trans and nonbinary people along with all other people whose identity comes within the LGBTQ+ matrix. We will not knowingly work with any person or organisation that does not give the same respect.


Please note that any advertisements on this page are a feature of the platform and do not imply any endorsement by this agency.