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In remembrance of Iain Rossouw

Paul writes:

1I woke up this morning to find tweets and blog posts that I could not at first take in, and when I could take them in, I could scarce believe them. Iain Rossouw, who headed Honeymead Books, had tackled three intruders at his home in South Africa, and had been killed in the struggle. His wife Lyz, who heads Honeymead’s sister-house P’kaboo, writes about it here. I can only imagine what she’s going through right now.

In practical terms, for the agency, this means that we must ask your forbearance – please do not make any new enquiries about P’kaboo or Honeymead for the time being. We’ll resume normal service as soon as we can. Meanwhile we will continue to act for existing clients who have books with the two houses.

Lyz and Iain are a great couple (I can’t bring myself to say ‘were’, because they will always be a couple). Lyz is a woman of great strength of character. My thoughts are with her.

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