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Twisty thrillers and heartwarming women’s fiction!

image: Photofest, via Film Forum

Authors – can you write a “twisty thriller with bestseller potential” or “heartwarming women’s fiction?” This is precisely what a publishing house has asked us to find. We would like to hear from established, published authors, but newcomers will be considered too – everyone has to start somewhere! So if you have anything that sits squarely in either genre, please feel free to let us see it.

Only the best wanted!

the-scream-detailIn addition to wanting submissions in the upmarket crime or suspense genre, we have been asked if we can find contemporary women’s fictioncontemporary crime by women authors, and especially at the moment novels with a rural Scottish setting. Do you have something that squarely fits the description? Let us know.

Another publisher is looking for something entirely different – non-fiction books on ‘magick‘, occult, tarot, Old Testament magic, and Egyptology.

Politely, we ask – please don’t send us anything that’s only peripheral or tangental to these subjects. We’re looking for material that is right on topic in every case.