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HoneyMead Books wants authors

logoHoneyMead Books in South Africa is looking for authors of good quality, adult-themed fiction for its e-book list. Do you have a penchant for the off-beat, the wacky, the graphic, the horrific, or the bizarre? Or do you perhaps have something serious to say about LGBT issues, gender, sexuality and so on? Or do you perhaps have a novel where the violence is no-holds-barred? Send your synopsis and sample chapters by email to this agency, and we will select a few to send onwards to HoneyMead. They’re not looking for gratuitous violence or meritless pornography, but they are prepared to accept material aimed specifically for an adult readership. All work published will be sold subject to age-restrictions. The categories they are looking to publish in are:

  • Twisted humour & Satire.
  • Crime & True Crime.
  • Sensual, Romance, and LGBT.
  • Arcane magic, Fantasy, and Paranormal.

Publisher seeks authors!

trajans column1

Can you write a novel, post-haste on any of these subjects?

an erotica book about a domineering man who bequeaths his wife in his will to his best friend

a classical-historical novel about siege engineers in Rome

a funny, sweet contemporary romance set at Christmas 

any other ‘seasonal romance’

If so, please get in touch using the email address on our ‘Contact’ page. We have been asked to find novels along the above lines by a reputable UK publisher who needs you to write quickly and ‘to brief’. These novels would all be commissioned on a world rights basis and for ebook only publication.

[Standard agency commission applies.]