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Available for publishers: ‘Split Decision’ by Carmen Capuano

split decisionMy name is Natalie and I am almost sixteen years old. I didn’t know what to do when two boys asked me out on the same day and I didn’t realise how little I knew about life at the time… but I made my decision and now I have to live with the consequences…

That, in a nutshell, is how Natalie, the protagonist of Carmen Capuano’s YA/crossover novel Split Decision, would introduce herself.

Natalie knows she has some decisions to make. Should she date the boy next door or the other one, the one who looks as if he plans to set the world on fire? What she doesn’t know is that the wrong decision will send her life spiraling into the stuff of nightmares where she might not come out alive.

Life takes a cruel twist of fate when Natalie, a completely average [almost] 16 year old is forced to make a split-second decision…a decision that will change her future and forever alter her perception of trust, love and the realities of life.

Split Decision could be thought of as ‘a modern take on Sliding Doors with a teenage edge’. It’s a novel of contrasts, of humour and dark despair, where difficult themes such as rape and drug abuse are written of in a style that is gritty but never gratuitous, coming via numerous plot twists to a surprise conclusion. It is written from the heart and tells a tale of what may be, in a world that is increasingly dangerous for all, but especially teenagers and fledgling adults.

Author Carmen Capuano is a live wire, and the agency is very pleased to be presenting Split Decision to UK publishers. Just get in touch and ask to see sample chapters, a synopsis, etc.

Heeyy! Carmen meets The Fonz! Author Carmen Capuano pictured with actor Henry Winkler.

Heeyy! Carmen meets The Fonz! Author Carmen Capuano pictured with actor Henry Winkler.

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