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Free e-books at P’kaboo – Hurry!


P’kaboo publishers are offering a limited number of copies of four of their most popular books as free-of-charge e-books. This is in conjunction with the second stage of their ‘Facebook Share’ contest, but if you download one of the offered books there’s no obligation to enter the contest. If you do enter, all you have to do is write a review of one or more of the books – you could win a printed copy signed by the author. We’ll let you know how and where to submit your review in due course. You can access P’kaboo’s online bookshop by clicking on the picture above. The four titles you’ll be looking for are as follows, hurry while free stocks last:

Solar Wind I: The Mystery of The Solar Wind, by Lyz Russo. This is the first in a series of futuristic adventures. Once you’re into it you’ll want to read the whole series and sail with Captain Radomir round the oceans of the future.

Lupa, by Marie Marshall. What is reality and what is illusion? This short, punchy novel, suitable for adults, young adults, and older children asks that question by means of the strangely parallel stories of a female gladiator in ancient Rome, and a Bosnian Serb refugee in late twentieth century Rome.

Almost Dead in Suburbia, by Doulgas Pearce. If you’re wondering why the person opposite you in the train is chuckling, it’s probably because he’s reading this witty, macabre mystery. Two friends are involved in an accident. However, only one is really dead, the other was only a little hasty…

Tabika, by Leslie Hyla Winton Noble. A precision-write for children. Life on Green Farm will never be the same after Tabika the cat is ‘magicked’ there from Johannesburg by a grateful fairy. The farmer says “I don’t believe it!” – so will you, and you’ll want to read Tabika 2.


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