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P’kaboo is on the look-out for part-time salespeople!

pkaboo-1P’kaboo Publishers, based in South Africa, are looking for people – especially young people but not exclusively so – who would be prepared to undertake direct selling of any or all of their books, for a part-time, commission-based income. There would be a 25% commission on every direct sale.

At present the only complication to this scheme would be stocking up. P’kaboo run on tight finances and are unable to pre-provide stock; but a representative does not need to buy a large stock, it can be as little as somewhere between 2 and 10 copies at wholesale price (retail less 25%) depending on how many the representative thinks he or she can sell. The Editor-in-Chief at P’kaboo says:

It’s an opportunity I’d love to give to young (and older) book fanatics in need of some extra income. Of course if one of these enterprising people can get bookshops interested in buying a few copies, a new price structure will have to be discussed.

This isn’t a new idea. It has worked for them in the past in South Africa, and now they are looking for people anywhere where books in English are saleable – the UK and the USA in particular. If you are interested, please contact this agency initially*. It is always possible that this little idea will grow into something bigger.


*Please note any agreement will be between the representative and the publishing house, with no contractual obligations laid upon this agency.

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