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‘Pub Talk’ by David Tich Ennis – launch date!

pub talk

If you can make it to Wicklow, Ireland, on 12th April, be sure to do so, and drop in to Bridge Street Books where Pub Talk, the new book by poet David Tich Ennis, will be launched. It all kicks off at 3pm sharp, and the advanced publicity says ‘All welcome – Hear a song, a poem, a reading – Bring friends!’ Or, as David himself puts it:

When yesterday is two weeks

Come one, come all,
come everyone,
you’re welcome,
do drop in

Wine and words are waiting there,
drink up,
it is no sin.

Some of you are far away,
you cannot make the scene,
be there in spirit, anyway,
welcome to a dream.

What kind of poet is David Ennis. Well, the jingle above shows a touch of his sense of humour. He has a simple approach, writes for the person in the street, in the pub, on the bus, on the hill; he has a sense of mockery that is a bit hard on himself but gentle on others. If you’re lucky, he might bring the bloke with the gong…

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