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'Sea of Peace'

‘Sea of Peace’

Paul Writes:

initialsThis is a little outside our usual brief, but as I used to trace and deal in out-of-print books I sometimes get asked to research and value antiques and collectables of all types. Most often I refer the enquirer to someone else with greater expertise, sometimes I’m able to track down an obscure reference which has stumped even the experts, and sometimes I am utterly stumped myself. That’s the case with a series of limited edition prints which someone gave me to have a look at. They appear to be from 1986, and you can see the artist’s monogram here to the left. It is familiar – I know I have seen it somewhere, but where? If anyone recognises it, please get in touch. [By the way, I’m doing this piece of research for a charity, so I’m doing it free of charge.]







'Beacon of Hope'

‘Beacon of Hope’

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