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A grand day out…

Balbirnie base2

The day dawned grey and drizzly, but soon the sun came out and visitors started to arrive, along with press photographers. It turned out that we had been allocated more space than I had anticipated – a whole bookcase revitalised by Aval-Ballan as it happened – so I sent for more books. At the moment we have Erica Emdon’s Jelly Dog Days plus Lupa and I am not a fish by Marie Marshall, as you see in the photograph below. As we have the loan of this space for as long as we like, I shall be moving some more books in as soon as I can, hopefully on behalf of P’kaboo Publishers.

Balbirnie reading corner 2

The space at Balbirnie Craft Centre could be put to all kinds of uses. Some of the artists run workshops, but the Collective would probably consider requests from people who wanted to run an event of their own (exhibit art, stage poetry readings, etc.).

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